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Eight ways to lighten up while eating out

Dining out is one of life’s absolute pleasures and privileges, especially in Toronto where more and more local, organic cuisine is peppering the culinary scene. Restaurants are a key part of our culture – think celebrations, business meetings and first dates and it’s crucial for us and our world to eat off of greener menus (and we are not simply referring to a leafy salad). I find my [Read more]

Why Snack?

Written by Meghan Telpner, Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Lifestyle Consultant Two little questions for you: 1. Why are we so obsessed with snack foods? Convenience foods? And foods we can eat on the go? 2. Why can’t we take the time to sit down and eat a proper meal, thus reducing our need for quickity quick snacks?   While you ponder those queries, I will move on to my [Read more]

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