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The Sushi Bar

414 Railroad Ave, McCall, Idaho 83638, United States

The Sushi Bar has always operated with the goal to be as environmentally conscious and sustainable as possible. Specializing in sushi in addition to rice & noodle bowls, Kobe beef, Phở, McCall’s largest beer & sake selection, and Happy Hour from 4-6 (Mon-Fri)!

• Recycle all glass, aluminum, tin, plastic, paper and cardboard.
• Save water by using low-flow faucets, efficient appliances and only serve water upon request.
• Send all unused food scraps to local farms for animal feed.
• Minimize use of disposables; reusable chopsticks, no bottled water.
• Paper products (napkins, paper towels, menus, etc.) and take-out packaging are biodegradable and/or contain recycled materials.
• All cleaning chemicals and soaps are environmentally friendly.
• Building constructed using salvaged and recycled materials.
• Energy efficient refrigeration, cooking equipment and lighting.
• Use Organic, local and sustainable food when available.


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